My offer for companies

A Successful customer-client relations means for me the long-term satisfaction on both sides when the employee should identify with the company and vice versa. This will be the case when both sides prosper together

I therefore recommend only employees 

  • who are willing and able to develop themselves and their position, because few leadership positions and high-qualification jobs remain unchanged over a longer period of time.

Therefore it is not enough to pay attention to professional qualifications when a position is filled.

To me it is important...

  • to get to know your company,
  • to speak with the future superiors and co-workers of the new employee, and
  • to understand the job environment.

Only then can I determine whether a candidate fits in as a professional and as an individual as well.

A company can be compared to a team in sports: To be successful, its members must complement and know one another well.

This can be achieved when

  • performance and skills develop continuously
  • while motivation and fun remain at a high level.

My experience shows that this recruiting procedure will lead to a perfect fit with high certainty.