What I stand for...

My Philosophy

Supporting you in the area of personnel recruitings, I pay attention to the fact that the aims of your enterprise and those of the applicant will match perfectly

An important factor to achieve this is respectful treatment of employees. A business environment where human beings are only regarded as cost factors or goods will have negative effects in the long run.

A company's most important capital is the know-how and motivation of its employees. Success depends on finding the right employees for the right job.

I therefore make sure that the goals of a company and a candidate are in harmony with each other. This also needs to be true in the long term.

My Competencies

  • More than 20 years of experience in personnel recruitment,
  • including 15 years of working as head of personnel as well as
  • experiences in company group structures and mid-size companies

Industry Experiences

  • Casting,
  • Mechanical Engineering,
  • IT,
  • Working and Processing of Metal
  • Automotive


  • apprenticeship as industrial clerk
  • advanced vocational training as human resources assistant at the Gelsenkirchen Chamber of Commerce
  • academic degree in business administration (Dipl.-Personalbetriebswirt), with a focus on human resources management

By successfully completing neuro-linguistic programming practitioner training in 2005, I further enhanced my social and communicative skills in the field of human resources management.

Personal Insights

In my spare time I like to row, strengthening the same skills and traits that I expect from job candidates:

In a boat, rowing with eight athletes, each individual needs to offer

  • a high degree of teamwork,
  • trust,
  • reliability and
  • commitment.

Being the strokeman, I can feel it when a member of the team is too fast or too slow. At that moment it is important to restore a common rhythm, taking into account the individual talents within the crew.

A team needs to be well-composed from the beginning in order to be successful - just like a company.

Please use my longstanding know-how to support you within the process of personnel decisions!