My offer for candidates

If you are ready to take the next step in your career, I will provide competent support

Feel free to contact me if you meet the following requirements:

  • Your personal development is important to you!


What about you is important to me?

  • Professional competence

Professional competence plays an important role, but it is not the only thing I look for. It also matters to me how you define your knowledge and how you work with your knowledge.

  • Methodological competence

Due to the constantly changing demands faced by companies, I particularly look for traits such as curiosity, personal interests, openness, and experienced changes in the professional as well as the private environments.

  • Leadership skills

Social integration, cooperation and a well-developed, constructive atmosphere within a department are the most important factors for reaching the common goals. It is among my priorities to see how responsibly you have handled positive and negative experiences with co-workers and what you have learned from that.

  • Soft skills

What's important to you is important to me!

Therefore we will talk about your personal development and your value system. I will openly ask you questions about your past and about what is important to you. We will also discuss the results you have achieved so far.

The best-possible workplace includes adequate pay...

That is important to me, too. However, a permanent partnership between employer and employee requires mutual identification - and that is not defined by the size of the salary.

My conclusions...

- based on my experiences -

  • We are allowed to have more fun!
  • We are allowed to be more selfish concerning our own values and goals!
  • We are allowed to create our future using our own talents!

Only when we have reached the goals that we have developed for ourselves, we are able to help others reach their goals effectively.